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     The mission of the Office of Student Conduct at Northwestern State University parallels the mission of institution, to be responsive, student oriented, and committed to student development through learning and service. Furthermore, the Office of Student Conduct is committed to upholding the Northwestern State University Student Code of Conduct.    

The Student Code of Conduct is established to help maintain an environment conducive to learning and other educational pursuits. The Code is intended to ensure the enjoyment of students of all proper rights and to protect the University's mission, processes, resources, and constituent community.  Students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus are expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct and federal and state laws.  All members of the Northwestern State University are expected to behave in a manner conducive to the university mission; therefore, civility in the classroom is expected. The Northwestern State University Civility Statement is listed in the introduction to the Student Code of Conduct

The Vice President for Student Affairs or a designated representative administers the disciplinary process governing students and visitors at Northwestern State University. After a series of conferences and hearings, judicial matters may be referred to a student/faculty/staff committee appointed by the President. Specific disciplinary due process procedures and the regulations governing student conduct are followed for all conferences and hearings.

 Due process information is located in NSU Student Handbook the under the Student Code of Conduct.

Director of Accountability & Student Conduct
Traci LaBom Norris